Ptcl Bill Online 2022, How To Check With Downloading Features

PTCL’s bill can be checked online right now, don’t you know?

PTCL bill check online is now possible with this simple solution. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited offers its consumers, and customers access to their PTCL bills online. Now you don’t have to wait outside the banks or at the designated offices for PTCL to have your bill and get it paid by you on time.

Furthermore, it takes you only a few minutes to see your PTCL bill once you follow some of the easy and simple steps. Moreover, you can now pay your monthly bill by logging into the site and efficiently extracting your monthly bill. After that, using the online payment applications, you can pay them instantly.

Introduction – Ptcl Bill Online

Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited is the full name of PTCL. And Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) provides landline telephone, internet, EVO, and broadband provider services across Pakistan. PTCL is a household name when it comes to telephone services, internet broadband, or Wi-Fi services providers.

Their services are used by millions of subscribers nationwide like GEPCO Online Bill. Almost every home is connected to the outside world with a PTCL device in Pakistan. Further, a wide range of services is provided to schools, universities, businesses, shopping malls, and small cities.

Check Ptcl Bill Online

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This is the primary concern when it comes to check PTCL Bill Online. Therefore you need not worry, and everything will be taken care of. Checking your monthly PTCL bills is possible in multiple ways. We are about to offer you a seamless opportunity that would allow you to have ultimate control over the Online PTCL bill check feature.

By using this website, you will be able to view your bills for both your landline phone and internet service, as well as your EVO wireless device, simultaneously. The process of checking PTCL bills online is detailed here for the consumer’s convenience.

Creating Account on

PTCL offers this service to facilitate its valuable customers, along with a variety of other services. To get started, you’ll need to register for an official account at It allows you to pay your monthly bills in a convenient way for the services that PTCL provides to you.

  1. You need to follow a few steps to register on the official website.
  2. PTCL’s website can be accessed here
  3. You will be directed to the online account section of PTCL
  4. It takes only a few seconds to fill out the form
  5. Your information will be saved if you allow it
  6. You have been given access to your own personal account
  7. Check the PTCL bills for the month by logging in to the section.

Now we bring you the ultimate solution when it comes to checking the online PTCL bill for the month. In this solution, there is no need to log on anywhere or give your personal information or anything else to the public. All you have to do is enter your unique customer number into the fields, and from that, you would be able to extract the exact bill for the current month.

Now here is what you have to perform. For checking your monthly PTCL bill through this convenient method.

We have a streamlined solution for you. And with that, your monthly bill-checking process becomes simple. And it provides you with an easy and quick solution. Here is the complete process for getting your PTCL bill online.

Getting The Bill – Ptcl Bill Online

You can use this website to check your PTCL bills for the month in some of the most convenient and unconventional ways. Detailed instructions are given below.

  1. To access the page, click this link.
  2. By clicking this link, you will reach a landing page where you can select the service you would like to learn about
  3. In addition to landline and broadband bill payments, this page also offers the option to pay your EVO bill.
  4. The PTCL phone number can now be entered
  5. Your account number appears next on your statement
  6. It is clearly visible on the monthly bill to see your personal account number
  7. If you would like to know how your bill looks for a particular month, enter it here
  8. As you push ‘enter’ for the last time, you are confronted by the bill
  9. The bills can even be printed and downloaded according to your needs
  10. As an extra option, you can save the bills as pdfs.

Duplicate Bill – Ptcl Bill Online

Now you can also enjoy the services of a duplicate bill by accessing to the following link With this link, all you need is to enter your PTCL number or your unique consumer number to get full access to your duplicate bill for the month. Furthermore, you can now download your monthly bill in PDF format.


Can I check the Check PTCL bill for the month?
Yes, you can check your monthly PTCL bill either way. At first, you have to log on to the PTCL official website, and from there, you have to enter the information. On the other hand, there is an application designed to serve you with your deisred result.
Can I pay my Online ptcl bill?
Yes, you can now pay your PTCL bill online with the help of IBFT, a bank transfer. Or you can use several of the online payment applciaitons that are currently available for the consumers to pay their utility bills for the month.
Do I have to pay additional charges to Check PTCL bill online?
No, never, you don’t have to pay anything while checking for your Online PTCL bill for the month. All you have to do is log on to the website and enter the customer number there. And the results will be there for you to have.
How can one order for a PTCL service connection?
For ordering any of the services PTCL offers to its consumers, you need to call on 1218. Further, you can also log on to so that you can avail the services being offered by the PTCL to its consumers. Moreover, you can also visit the nearest service center and order your desired service as well.

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