LESCO Online Bill 2022, Check Your Monthly Bill On Your Smartphone

In this age of technological advancement, we have access to any information we need at any time with only a click. This informational article is written to address the root cause of the check LESCO bill online. Using our online LESCO bill check service, you can now have complete control over your monthly LESCO bill.

Further, our electricity users encounter other problems when making payments to Lesco authorities. To handle this problem, the duplicate Lesco bill can now be checked like MEPCO Online Bill. There are also multiple online payment methods that you can use to pay your bills.


Lahore Electric Supply Company is known as LESCO. Further, electricity is provided by this company in areas such as Lahore, Okara, Kasur, and Sheikhupura. It offers services in many cities across Pakistan. And several divisions are part of it.

LESCO has now developed an online app and a web portal so you can access your monthly bill. LESCO’s online presence makes it easy for you to check your bill online.

LESCO Bill Online

First Method

Reference No.

Second Method

Please Provide Your ID Number

Customer ID

Thanks to this feature, checking your Lesco bill online has never been easier. For consumers who have lost their original bill, this service allows them to check, print, and get duplicate copies of their LESCO bill for the month. In case they have misplaced it. It’s as easy as following a few simple steps.

Reference number of 16 digits is required:

  1. In order to track your monthly bill, you must find the 16 digit reference number on your monthly LESCO bill.
  2. Press the View bill button after entering your reference number or pasting it into the app.
  3. If you have missed the current month’s bill, you can download it by clicking on the download button.
  4. If your connection is in an urban or rural area, select either R or U.

The following is the customer ID with 07 digits:

  1. It’s essential to put your 7 digit customer ID that appears on your bills into the first field.
  2. Press view to view the bill for the current month.
  3. The bill can also be downloaded by pressing the download option.
  4. These two options make it easy for you to get the same bill before the due date.

Lesco Duplicate Bill Online

Access to the duplicate LESCO bills is now unlimited and unconditional. In either case, enter your 07-digit customer ID number or your 16-digit reference number along with the geographic area you fall within. A LESCO authority will segment the population according to whether they are rural or urban.

In the same way that is explained in Steps 1-3, the duplicating process takes place as well. Getting the required information seamlessly is the benefit of this feature.

Lesco Bill Check Online 2021

Our website contains an extra feature that will enable you to estimate the amount you will pay each month based on the actual amount of power you utilize. Further, you should enter the number of units you think you can consume throughout the month. With this function, you can see an Online LESCO bill check with the help of a preliminary estimate of the bill that will be billed at the end of the month.

Furthermore, you can see the total amount of electricity you will have to spend per month based on this feature.

Lesco Bill Online Check via Estimator

Now you can Check the LESCO bill with the help of a feature that enables a user to check the Online LESCO bill. Furthermore, there is an estimator. And this estimator works in a straightforward manner. This estimate will bring you the actual amount of your bill based on the number of units you expect for the month. This estimator cum calculator is going to perform calculations in the background and present the bill to you based on those calculations. With this estimator’s help, you can now have a perfect view of the amount of your Lesco Bill Online Check Lahore 2020.

Lesco online bill on your Email & Lesco Online bills on your SMS

In addition to checking bill information online or generating Lesco duplicate bills, the company also offers the consumer an online bill inquiry feature. Access to the LESCO system, which can be used for sending texts or emails for troubleshooting. You can sign up for their free account by reading the guide below.

  1. Please click the above link to access the official site for LESCO.
  2. As a consumer, you have the option of choosing from the options available to you.
  3. Choose one option from the three available options if you would like to receive your Lesco bill by SMS, Email, or both SMS and Email at once.
  4. You must now enter your consumer ID with a seven-digit number.
  5. In the Cellphone section of the portal, enter your cellphone number. It is necessary to enter your country code, now your current communications service, and then your cellphone number at the end.
  6. The Email ID field should contain an authentic email address.
  7. Submit your information or update your information by clicking on the appropriate link. You’re all set for free email or SMS subscriptions.

LESCO Helpline

To contact LESCO Headquarters with any complaints or questions, call 111-000-118. In the case of a continuously busy line, there is no one to respond if the receiver has been disconnected. It does not mean the receiver has left the line, and the result is that an immense number of consumers should be reached. As a result, you might need some time to connect.

What is FPA in LESCO online Bill?
FPA is an acronym for Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA).
How can I check the LESCO online bill?
By entering your reference number or your customer id on the portal. And with that you will have the LESCO online bill for the month.
Can we have an Electricity Bill Online Check via CNIC?
No, you cannot check your electricity bill for the month with the help of your CNIC.
Can we Pay Lesco Bill Online by meter number?
No, you cannot check, pay or get the Lesco Bill Check By Meter Number.

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