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Are you constantly searching for online payment options for your Hesco bill?

HESCO offers many conveniences to its customers in the area, including the option to pay their bills online. Now you can enjoy the features of checking the HESCO Online bill. Further, Online HESCO Bill Check is now available to all the users of HESCO provided electricity.

Furthermore, if you have misplaced the original bill in the first place. Now you can get an exact duplicate copy of the bill. This duplicate bill is the exact copy of your original monthly bill for the month. Additionally, aside from the billing problems, HESCO provides its consumers with a number of other valuable features like IESCO Online Bill.

Moreover, the HESCO users can avail a number of services that include a new connection, a meter transfer, and an electric meter change. Alternatively, they could shift or transfer the load between transformers.


A company providing electric power to Hyderabad is called HESCO, or you can call it Hyderabad Electric Supply Corporation. Established in 1998, HESCO provides power to Hyderabad. A total of four circles make up this group, namely Hyderabad, Laar, Nawabshah, and Mirpurkhas.

Additionally, HESCO claims sole responsibility for providing consumers with facilitation services. Through the years, the operation and facilitation of HESCO have changed. The company now offers its consumers a wide range of services, including more accessible payment methods, online bill payment, and much more.

When they lose their original bill, a duplicate is made available. Also, a monthly electricity bill estimate will be provided for the upcoming month. These are the few facilities that HESCO is providing to its consumers on a regular basis.

Online Bill Check

Check HESCO Bill Online

Online bill checking is available to consumers at HESCO. As a result, they are able to have a seamless and fast bill checking operation by gaining access to their systems. Users can now check their monthly bills with their reference numbers. All you have to do is follow the instructions, and you will get your bill. Follow our instructions to get your bill.

The reference number is 14 digits:

  1. The first thing you need to do is find the electricity bill reference number.
  2. HESCO’s monthly bill includes your 14 digit reference number, which is seen as a blinking picture. You simply need to enter this number.
  3. Fill in the box on this page with your reference number.
  4. If you live in the country, enter R, and if you live in the city, enter U.
  5. Just wait for a second or two after you click submit.
  6. There are three options to check your Hesco online bill, print, download, or do a check.

Duplicate Bill

The same steps apply for obtaining a duplicate bill as they do for HESCO’s online bill.

In the same way that you did before, here is your 14-digit reference number:

  1. The duplicate bill is now easily accessible.
  2. Next to the submit button, you will find another option.
  3. Follow the previous practice of entering the 14 digits of the reference number.
  4. The duplicate bill is brought up immediately when you click the duplicate bill button.
  5. The document can now be printed or downloaded as you wish.

Check HESCO Bill Online with bill estimator or calculator

The upcoming month’s bill can now be estimated using another feature we bring you. You will see that a dialogue box with the name Bill Calculator appears once you enter the estimated number of units. You should keep in mind that these are estimates and that your actual bill may differ due to surcharges and taxes.

With the bill calculator, you can calculate your bill:

You are no longer concerned about calculating your electric bill expenses monthly. Enter the number of units you expect to receive for the month in the appropriate box. Converting a number of units into a real amount will be performed by the calculator. It is very simple to compute the HSCO Bill Online with your wildest estimate of the bill you will receive at the start of the year by following this simple procedure.

Further information

We have shared our contact information with our consumers for their convenience. For any genuine inquiries that you may have at the time, you may contact the official address and email address. HESCO authorities are now at your fingertips.


HESCO Helpline is: 022-9260161

Email address:

Their email id is: [email protected]


HESCO headquarter WAPDA Complex, Hussainabad Hyderabad Sindh, Pakistan


The official office timings are: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Working Days: Monday to Friday.

Friday: on Friday at the time of Juma. The office timing breaks for almost 02 hours. From 01 p.m. to 03 p.m.


Can I make an online payment to HESCO monthly bill?
An online payment can be made for your monthly HESCO bill. You can now make payments with the help of bank transfers, IBFTs. Also, you can make payments with the help of payment apps such as JazzCash, UPaisa, EasyPaisa, UBL Omni.
Can I access HESCO authorities?
Yes, with the help of an official address for the headquarters of HESCO. You can conveniently visit and directly access the HESCO authorities for your matters. In addition, you can call them with the help of an official number as well as email them about the issues you are facing.
How can I calculate my check HESCO bill?
You can now make an estimate of your monthly bill with the help of an estimator. Please bear in mind that the estimated amount may fluctuate due to changes in the monthly tax base. Other than that, the monthly payment calculator works perfectly for making you realize how much you’re going to pay each month.
Is it possible for me to access my electricity bill with the CNIC number?
It is not available on HESCO or the major distribution companies in any country. Checking your monthly bill for the month can be done simply by entering the consumer identification or the reference number you received from your computer.
Is there any peak hour tariff?
In addition to the HESCO rate, there is a peak hour rate as well. The location of such a company is found in nearly all the country’s major distribution companies. Furthermore, peak hours for HESCO stay between 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.

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